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Independent and distributed communication networks are at the core of the self-organized communities. Based on the idea of biological peer to peer networks, that explore how microorganisms like bacteria communicate and collectively act, we have built a human biofilm-like connectivity enhancer. “” is an umbrella antenna that hacks an everyday use umbrella, turning it into a parabolic WIFI antenna that can extend the signal range for a mobile phone to join a network.

Besides covering, hiding and protecting the user, helps them communicate. Depending on the adaptation, the umbrella can act as a repeater, as a complementary part of a "cantenna" or just as an extender of a WIFI antenna for a mobile phone or a computer.
Bogotá, Colombia

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Exhibited at

In collaboration with Jung Hsu

Based in the tutorial by Andrew Mcneil:

Digital Class - UDK Berlin
Convergence WS20/21
Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä, Luiz Zanotello

Thanks to: ​
Juan Manuel Anzola - Scientific advice
Lulu Hsieh - Scientific advice
Carlos Acosta - Conceptual advice
Manuel Orellana - Technical advice
ZKL - Technical advice
Brian Chang - Model

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