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Distiller of the Self

Interactive Installation


Distiller of the Self is an interactive installation made out of glass, which reads the pulse of a person through a mobile app and turns it into bits, waves, and particles to tell a short story about the science and the soul. The artwork, based on neuroscience studies, represents the transition to a scientific thought, questions the relation between beliefs, discrimination, and conflict, and proposes how to confront our human existence with its unavoidable lack of certainties.

Exhibited at: Encuentro FASE. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11-2017 / ISEA International 2017 and XV International Image Festival. Manizales, Colombia. 07-2017 / Rundgang 2016. UDK. Berlín, Germany. 07-2016

Award/Grant: Audiovisual Residency in Arts, Science, and Technology. Cinematheque of Bogotá. 07-2017

Press: Artpress Paris. "Art, science, technology - Fragments of a Colombian journey" by Annick Bureaud. Fragment. 01-18
Bogotá, Colombia

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Exhibited at

Thanks for their support:

Juan Diego Rivera and Takuya Koyama - Design support
Kirill Ullianichev and Cristian Martínez - Programming
Glassbläserei Müller - Glass Blowing
Juan Diego Rivera - Video Documentation

Prof. Joachim Sauter and Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä
Digital Class - UDK

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