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The Extraordinary and Implausible Adventures of Biófilo Panclasta

An interactive itinerant Docu-Fiction that narrates the adventures of the Colombian revolutionary Vicente Rojas Lizcano, a romantic from the beginnings of XX century, who under the pseudonym "Biófilo Panclasta" (Lover of Life, who destroys everything) embarks on a trip around the world to bring anarchism to every corner of the earth and confront the powerful. 

The anecdotes, found in his chronicles, are presented through precinema devices and expanded digitally using a mobile application with Augmented Reality and IoT technologies. The experience takes the form of a traveling fair that appropiates everyday public spaces, inviting the people to collect the expanded contents and get to know the story behind this Colombian libertarian. 

General Direction

Juan Diego Rivera

Interactive and Artistic Direction

Theatrical Direction

Produced by

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With the support of

Cinematheque Grant for Audiovisual Creation with New Media. 2018

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Biófilo Panclasta, as a Colombian revolutionary, had traveled around the world spreading anarchism and intervening in several historical moments. His implausible adventures, however, have been registered as real chronicles where he organizes strikes, slaps the tsar of russia,  runs away with his disciple Lenin from Siberia, rants against Queen Wilhelmina from Netherlands, suffers imprisonment in more than 700 prisons and many other feats.




The interactive experience joints pre cinema machines and new media such as IoT and Augmented Reality, with which the participant can control mechanical features of the machine while synchronising the movement with the digital animations that expand the narrative. 

The App


Characters and scenarios

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Illustrations by Pablo Quiroga

The Extraordinary and Omplausible Adventures of Biófilo Panclasta

Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND



Bogotá D.C., Colombia.