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Arte y Ciencia / Art and science

Conocimiento abierto-colaborativo-queer

Open- Collaborative- Queer-knowledge

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Arte de medios emergentes

Emergent media art

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Pensamiento ácrata contemporáneo

Contemporary acrat thought
Bogotá, Colombia

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1.Distiller of the Self
2.Distiller of the Self
3.Distiller of the Self
4.Distiller of the Self

Distiller of the Self 

Escultura conectada / Connected sculpture

Digital Class, UDK Berlín

Distiller of the Self is an interactive installation made out of glass, which reads the pulse of a person through a mobile app and turns it into bits, waves, and particles to tell a short story about the science and the soul. The artwork, based on neuroscience studies, represents the transition to a scientific thought, questions the relation between beliefs, discrimination, and conflict, and proposes how to confront our human existence with its unavoidable lack of certainties. 

Exhibited at: Encuentro FASE. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 11-2017 / ISEA International 2017 and XV International Image Festival. Manizales, Colombia. 07-2017 / Rundgang 2016. UDK. Berlín, Germany. 07-2016

Award/Grant: Audiovisual Residency in Arts, Science, and Technology. Cinematheque of Bogotá. 07-2017 

Press: Artpress Paris. "Art, science, technology - Fragments of a Colombian journey" by Annick Bureaud. Fragment. 01-18 

"To perceive the world through beliefs, through superstitions, not only overrides the universe we inhabit, giving it a transitional nature, a condemnatory one, but gives the permission to impose to this existence the conditions from illusory worlds, that we can not perceive, that we can not prove, promoting with these judgments the separation of the human kind as a species and giving fundaments to every kind of discrimination.


Many centuries have passed in which the science has explored around the soul's components, but up to now, there is still no evidence that our consciousness, generated by the intrinsic communication strategy of the brain (the thalamo-cortical connectivity), will transcend the death of our bodies. However, massacres, tortures, exclusions, wars, and countless more crimes have been committed and are still executed under the great strength of these ideas and the vast waste that means living with the longing for other worlds.


If the Self is a functional state of our brain, ¿Is this the time when the understanding of the soul as transcendental will be transformed?


To distill the soul from the body means eliminating the inability to see the world as it is, it is to accept ourselves as members of a species and therefore equal, it is to learn how to confront our human existence with its unavoidable lack of certainties, and it is this act of courage which means a permanent embrace of freedom."


Distiller of the Self. Berlin, 2016. 

Thanks for their support: 

Juan Diego Rivera and Takuya Koyama - Design support

Kirill Ullianichev and Cristian Martínez  - Programming 

Glassbläserei Müller - Glass Blowing

Juan Diego Rivera - Video Documentation

Prof. Joachim Sauter and Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä

Digital Class - UDK

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Natalia Rivera Medina

Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA