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Investigation context about the artistic possibilities of Biocomputation - [2022 - 2023]

Project connected to the Suratómica Network and the New media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts

Interconnected Nature: Internet for Bacteria is a speculative undisciplined (art and science) project to generate a symbiosis between the internet and bacteria, which creates other possibilities for the Internet of Bio and Nano Things (IoBNT) beyond the nature-extractivist and exploitative discourse of these developing technologies. The project explores other possible relations among living entities that embrace the uncontrollable nature of the living and leave aside the human interaction between the mentioned entities.

Formas indeterminadas de vida_L-Systems_Natalia Rivera_5

Research context about other comprhensions of the Living - [2021 - 2023]

Project connected to the Suratómica Network and the New media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts

Queer/Weird/Indeterminate forms of life is a research-creation context to explore the possibilities of the emerging understandings of life by complexity sciences, biology, philosophy of biology, new media, and many others in art/ knowledge creation/worlding.


It has been created in the context of the 2nd cycle of the Suratómica Network named At the Edge of Chaos and Natalia Rivera’s master project for the New Media Class at the UDK in Berlin. A Creation Group with the same name collaboratively explored the idea in 2021 and during the social outbreak in Colombia that initiated in April of the same year, the network’s context Other politics of the living was derived.

_MG_8125 (1).JPG

Collective and communitarian expedition to discover the micro-biodiversity of the city's green spaces - [2022-2023]

In collaboration with the microbiology laboratory CorpoGen

Project connected to the Suratómica Network

Other [tiny] forms of life is an expedition to discover the microbiodiversity that inhabits and shapes three parks and a wetland in Bogotá. The communitarian creation groups were in charge of investigating which bacteria and fungi are present in these public spaces, with microbiology, molecular biology and metagenomics techniques, and with artistic processes such as drawing, photography and generative modeling of sculptures based on the genetic code. Created together with the microbiology and biotechnology laboratory CorpoGen, as an articulation of methodologies to collectively explore, think and create.

Vitreo technologies-01.jpg


Design of a narrative experience for interconnected spaces - [2015-2016]

Project connected to the New Media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts

Networked Experiences is a research-creation project on the narrative possibilities of connected spaces through the Internet of Things. It is about the exploration of non-linear narrative structures, interactive spaces, and the integration of digital media in habitable spaces to create a participatory experience that includes people as part of the story, as an expanded game.


Espacios Transformables_Mutante.png


Experience design through audiovisuals - [2012]

Industrial design thesis project- UNAL Colombia

Transformable Spaces is a proposal to rethink the way we will inhabit our spaces with ubiquitous access to digital information, taking into account the growing development of materials capable of projecting information, the production of expanded reality media, and the possibilities of the internet of things. 

These are spaces that, like a blank canvas, adapt, are configurable, and have memory of their users. The conceptual proposal of Transformable Spaces seeks to bring us closer to the possibilities of this growing digitalized world, to create them collectively and collaboratively through laboratories such as Mutante.


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