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Creation group - Queer Forms of Life

What are those queer forms of life that emerge from the interaction among arts, biology and technology?


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What are those queer forms of life that emerge from the interaction among arts, biology and technology? - The methodology of this group is the collaborative research, with the purpose of acknowledging, mapping, and gathering life forms other than organic life as we know it up to now. It is an open question about what we define as "the living" and its possibilities of being created from the arts, as proposed by the researchers Iliana Hernández, Raúl Niño, and Carlos Eduardo Maldonado.

Queer/weird/Indeterminate forms of life explores the current question about the definition of life, regarding non-organic life, virus, AI, synthetic biology, and many other fields. The project seeks to generate a context where to articulate the indeterminate, the weird, the queer with the definition of life as a complex system. The initial phase aims to explore the current and emerging media to study life, model it, create simulations, and materialize it.

Through an open and collaborative group, framed in the Suratomica's Creation Groups, this research is part of Natalia Rivera's research/creation project at the New Media Class of the Berlin University of Arts UdK.

Some queer forms of life or questions explored:

  • Why is a virus alive/ not alive?

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Artificial life / Computational simulations

  • Why are we changing the definition of life?

  • Life for astrobiology

  • The Cyborg and the Post-human

  • The internet as a living organism

  • Evolutionary theories of the universe

  • Organisms generated by Synthetic Biology

Documentation of the encounters (In Spanish)

Google Classroom group


Felipe Meneses Ballesteros, Luis Williams-Fallas, María Alejandra Martínez Polanco, Miguel Angel Rodríguez Bermúdez, Alejandro Rojas, Ivonne Villamil, Paz, Juan esteban caro Ordoñez, Valentina Aguilera Muñoz, Paula Gabriela Gómez, María José Ortiz, Simón Ortega, Juan Pablo Castaño Ossa, Ricardo Forero, Cristian Otálvaro, Lina María Orejuela, maria prieto, Julieth Natalia Castelblanco, Felipe Andrés Amaya, Sara Luna Ruiz, daniela brill estrada, Natalia Rivera.


Proposed By Natalia Rivera

III Cycle of Creation Groups

Suratómica Network



This creative group is proposed in the context of the Queer Forms of Life research project

It is referenced in:

Interconnected Nature Project

Article Queer Forms of Life: Digital Technologies for the Living

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