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Experimental video creation workshop on the quantum in the everyday life / the macro.


Auditorium, Hotel Santa Viviana, Villa de Leyva

7th COMHEP Colombian Meeting on High Energy Physics

Taller Kinético por Mutante en COMHEP 2022
Kinético Workshop by Mutante at COMHEP 2022


In Kinético we gathered with professors and students of high energy physics to create short narratives about quantum physics phenomena and turn them into ideas for experimental short films. Using various references from experimental filmmakers, we imagined how cinematographic techniques can lend themselves not only to disseminate science but also to generate visual experiences about those counter-intuitive phenomena. We moved from the kinetic of cinema, the moving image, to the idea of sculpting in time or creating architectures of time. With these ideas, how could a quantum time be expressed in cinema?


COMHEP is the annual meeting of the Colombian Network of Particle Physics and Cosmology. In it, young and senior physicists, Colombian and international, share the advances of their research and collaborations. In addition to these, future projects, gender and diversity issues, spaces and strategies for dissemination, and possible encounters with other ways of knowing and creating are discussed.



Principio de Incertidumbre_Jessica Velásquez
Uncertainty Principle_Jessica Velásquez



José David Ruiz Álvarez

John David Gómez

Jessica Velásquez Múnera

Mateo Escorcia

Daniel Ocampo Henao

Anderson Ruales

Camilo Carrillo

By Mutante - Juan Diego Rivera, Natalia Rivera

Organized in collaboration with the CONHEP Network and Suratómica.

Supported by the Phenomenology and fundamental interactions research group.

Project connected to the Suratómica Network

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