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En Busqueda - Cortometraje
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Sala Manuel C - En Busqueda

En Búsqueda Bogotá

Interactive Transmedia Narrative in the City

By Mutante.Lab. Bogotá, 2014.

En Búsqueda Bogotá is an interactive transmedia project which takes the streets of the city to tell the story of a Colombian biosafety multinational called Vítreo, a great company that hides behind its facade the biggest cybercriminal band of the country which Raul is forced to betray, leaving his friend Alex in big problems. En Búsqueda is an activist community that promotes open technologies and sustainable technological developments; for them, the methods used by these corporations and the social control they aim cannot be permitted. 

The interaction is given from a mobile web that initially contains an E-Book that will guide participants on a tour around the city to find different tracks and continue the development of the story. The city turns into the perfect scenario for a futuristic cyberpunk universe that within its walls has a high-tech world which only a few can achieve.


Find the complete documentation and credits of the project here: https://enbusquedabogota.wordpress.com


The En Búsqueda experience takes place from September 2014 to January 2015 in Bogotá D.C. The whole project, the mobile web,  and the audiovisual material is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA

This project was possible thanks to the / Proyecto posible gracias al: Programa Distrital de Estímulos 2014 

Cinemateca Distrital - Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales

Beca Cinemateca de Creación de Narrativas Transmedia 


Proyect supported by / Proyecto apoyado por: Punto.Lab - www.puntolab.co

General Direction / Dirección General: Natalia Rivera

General Production / Producción General: Margarita González - Natalia Rivera

Audiovisual Production / Producción Audiovisual: Juan Diego Rivera - Margarita González

Audiovisual Direction / Dirección Audiovisual: Natalia Rivera - Pedro Mendoza