Capas de Color. Capas de Historia / History Fades in Colors


“History fades in Colours” is an installation that

commemorates three historical events in the Plaza

de Bolivar in Bogotá. In 1810, the brawl which led to Colombia’s independence, in April 1948 the “Bogotazo”, which started after the Liberal leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitán was murdered, and finally in November 1985 the take and retake of the Courthouse by the guerrilla group M-19 (April 19 Movement).

Participants relive these events in the room when the RGB light changes and transport them in time, the murals attach themselves to the walls of the museum hiding what they have to tell and once lit with a particular color reveal the iconic images of each event.

This installation was inspired by the artwork of

collective Carnovsky in Italy.