Laboratorio de Arte y Medios Emergentes


Mutante es un laboratorio de investigación, creación y difusión de arte y ciencia en Bogotá, centrado en los medios digitales y audiovisuales emergentes.


Mutante is a research, creation and dissemination laboratory for art and science in Bogotá, focused on emergent digital and audiovisual media.

Mutante.Lab is a laboratory for research, creation, and diffusion in arts, science, and technology. Since its creation in 2012 the focus of the laboratory has been the connected spaces and its possibilities for experience design, interactive arts, and new narratives. Among the principal contents of our work, there are the internet of things technologies, augmented spaces, augmented and mixed reality, transmedia storytelling, calm technologies and networked experiences. 

On its first stage Mutante.Lab cocreated a video concept about transformable spaces, a research which expanded to the networked experiences one at the UDK in Berlin. In 2017 we created the Creation - Arts and Science community with which we gather together to promote these topics in our city, we opened a space for co-creation in Bogotá and designed diverse workshops around these contents.