El Espíritu de la Colmena / The Spirit of the Hive


The Spirit of the Hive is an interactive collaborative experience in which each participant confronts their view about the ideal world to gather it later with the others on a collective platform. On the platform, the collective construction of the Utopy is shown through an holography. A Utopia in which all utopias fit. 

The work consists of a large number of modules that once gathered in the collaborative platform, in the form of a honeycomb, communicate through IoT technologies to integrate information and data obtained in the individual participation. 

The hexagonal modules have an NFC tag that opens the mobile application directly on the mobile phone, where the components of the ideal future can be chosen. Our utopia is for people to believe in them again.

· 1st Place at UTOPÍA Arts Hackaton. Poliedro and IDARTES