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Networked Experiences

Research and Creation Project about Connected Spaces

Tutored by Joachim Sauter at the UDK. Berlin - 2016

The networked experiences promote the movement and action, keeping the participants active, boosting their decision-making over their environment and strengthen coexistence within communities. These new interactions might seek a stronger link with our physical environment where we still have a broad range of experiences to live, avoiding the current strong trend to virtualize each aspect of our life, that is nothing less than the same desire to live everything while not living anything at all. 


The Vítreo Technologies experience is an interactive narrative that takes place in a connected space through the Internet of Things technologies, it is a science fiction story that gathers a lot of current communication technologies and transforms them in narrative means. This merge of augmented reality, Mixed reality, wireless communication and ubiquitous computing allows to create a new scenario that contains the participant's body, boost dramaturgy and transform every characteristic of the space into relevant for the experience, such as lighting, scents or even flavors.


You can find the documentation book here:

Book. Contains the project description and scripts. 

· Research and Creation Project developed at the Digital Class of the University of the Arts UDK in Berlin, with the support of Prof. Joachim Sauter. 

· Project supported by the Study Scholarship for Foreign Graduates in the field of Visual Communication. DAAD German Academic Exchange Service. Berlin, 2015. 

Thanks to

 Joachim Sauter, Juan Diego Rivera, Takuya Koyama and Luis Fernando Medina. Art+Com Explore laboratory.

Presented at:

· DAAD Conference "Language and Communication in a Digital World". Potsdam, Germany. 04-2016.

· Arts In Context. Conference by the Visual Arts program of UNAD. Bogotá, Colombia. 11-2017​​​​​​​